Volksgarden Supra - Rotary Hydroponic System

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The Volksgarden® Supra™ brings simple, clean, and amazingly effective hydroponics gardening to the comforts of your own home. Grow what you want, when you want! The Volksgarden® unit allows you to grow up to 80 plants at once. Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits, and Grains can be harvested easily and continuously by even beginner gardeners.

Like all units featuring Omega Garden™ Technology, the Volksgarden® Supra™ utilizes a rotating cylinder housing the plants arranged around the light at the center. The result is highly effective use of lumens, water, and nutrients. Ultimately, you'll have a garden that grows fast, strong, and healthy through each season of the year.


  • 1 piece High Density Polyethylene FDA certified food grade plastic.
  • 1 cylinder drive motor
  • 1 ABS food-grade plastic feed tray
  • 4 - 39 watt T-5 6400K Fluorescent lamps
  • 1 - 400 gallon per hour Mag Drive pump (North America only)
  • 1 Heavy duty stand
  • 80 plant holders
  • easy to assemble and operate.
  • plugs into a standard 110V outlet.
  • 24" diameter x 42" tall by 38" long, with stand 48" long



The Volksgarden® Supra™ is made of precision molded plastic. It is designed to hold 1.5" root medium from propagation slabs (98 per tray flat) and accommodates space for up to 80 plants

What You Need

  • seeds or seedlings
  • rock wool cubes or other root medium (comes with the first slab)
  • nutrient solution
  • timers - one for watering, one for lighting (optional but required to automate)
  • meter to measure pH, TDS, and temp