TaoTronics® TT-ET01 7-Day Digital Program Timer 20 group optional set

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Use TaoTronics 7 day Digital Program Timer to water your system every day, every several days, or several times per day!

The timer allows up to 20 on/off times per day, a one (1) minute minimum "on" time, and different settings for different days for 7 days.

The lights timer is a great way to keep everything on track and promote the plant growth healthy.

It's three prong grounded, has an LCD digital display for easy operation, includes a battery backup.

Our lighting timers are great for lights or hydroponic systems. Using lamp timers to automate your hydroponic garden adds convenience and encourages productive growth of your plant or aquarium.

Light Timer allow you to provide a consistent light, nutrient, and airflow program for your garden or reef.

The battery backup assures you stay on schedule even after a power outage. Especially useful for orchid and African violet growers.

Rated Power: 1800w 60Hz
Rated Voltage: 110-125v 10A
Ground 3 prongs