MoonCity 3-in-1 Soil Moisture, Light and pH / acidity Meter

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3-in-1 Soil Meter with Moisture Light & PH Test Function, ideal tool for your plants, suitable for outdoor and indoor plants, gardens and grass lawns
Promotes Healthy Plants

This Soil Meter help you know your soil more clear and care your plants more rational.
? Let you know when to water. Dry and needs water or wet and could use a day to dry out. You will never over/under water your plants again
? Help you to control Ph level in soil, acidic or alkaline is suitable for your plants You will never plant your lovely flowers into high-acid or Extreme alkalinity soil
? Help you to determine if plant getting adequate light
Easy To Use

Step 1: Switch moisture/pH/light position
Step 2: Stick the probe into the soil about 2-4 inches
Step 3: Adjust the position of the probe until the pointer on the dial swing slightly
Step 4: After 10 minutes, Note moisture/pH/light level in the dial
Step 5: Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use

1. without touching the stone, don't too hard, easy to damage the probe
2. After using, need to clean and wipe the probe (can't test the water)
3. Don't inserted in the soil for a long time for using
4. Design for testing soil, don't use it to test pure water or too rigid ground

pH Range: 3.5-8 Ph (3.5-6.5 ACID, 7 NOR, 7-8 ALKALI)
Moisture Range: 1-10 (1-3 DRY, 4-7 NOR, 8-10 WET)
Relative Light: 0-2000 lux (0-200 LOW, 200-500LOW+, 500-1000 NOR 1000-2000 HGH)
Package Includes
1 x Soil Meter