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Barley Straw Mulch - 1/2 cu.ft.

Barley Straw Mulch - 1/2 cu.ft.

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Looking for mulch but don't have a farm in your backyard?

We have access to an abundance of straw and are happy to ship you some for your small garden. Larger gardens will benefit from sourcing locally.

This barley straw is not certified organic but comes from a local farm. There isn't a need to spray for pests and most of the local farms use chicken manure as the cheapest means to fertilize etc. There will be some foreign dried plant material as there always is with any straw bales.

Free Bonus - This barley straw will have seeds in it still and you will have volunteer "Living Barley Mulch" in your containers. This living barley will move moisture around in your soil container and provide additional root exudates to feed the microlife.

If you have been waiting to mulch until you get a round to it.... Well that day is today.

Add a box of Barley Straw to your shopping cart and take your garden to the next level.

How To Use

Top dress your containers for a sweet barley straw mulch layer